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How to Build a Successful Mobile App?

All great mobile apps start with a great idea. When you have one of your own, make sure you are prepared to turn that idea into reality and build a successful mobile app.

Transforming your app idea into a reality is not easy. And that’s where this guide comes in handy. Here is the framework of how to do so, from the idea to research, development, and delivery to build a successful mobile app.

Find Your Mobile App Differentiators

It might seem like the majority of the ideas are already taken and there’s a mobile app for everything. But that’s not the case. Let’s check the story of Instagram and how their founders identified their app differentiators.

Instagram’s founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger started with an app called Burbn, a check-in app like FourSquare. However, they soon realized that rather than checking in, users were sharing their pictures with friends. Instagram recognized this differentiator, and they shifted their focus to the brilliant idea of a photo-sharing app with unique filters.

At the time, the social media ecosystem was already dominated by Facebook, where people could connect with others and share their pictures, videos, and thoughts. Despite their competitor’s success, the Instagram founders didn’t shy away from launching their app, because they knew their unique filters set it apart. The result? They ended up with one of the most successful social media platforms of all time.

So, even if your idea is similar to an existing mobile app, if your differentiators are strong, you can still succeed and grow.

Nail It to Scale It

While most startups believe that starting small with an MVP is the way to go, some also choose the Exceptional Viable Product (EVP) model to launch. With an EVP, you start by launching the best version of your mobile app, but smaller like a cupcake. With all the features available and the app polished to perfection, the chances of converting your early adopters are high.

Let’s explore the story of UXPin, a wireframing and prototyping company. UXPin started by prototyping notepads for designers, and they only launched it after multiple iterations. This approach helped them deliver a high-quality app in the very first launch while minimizing the resources used.

While they can have benefits for many companies, starting with an EVP isn’t the only way to succeed – most do just fine starting with an MVP.

Start with an MVP

While EVPs are great if your idea is extremely unique and has very little competition, most startups have to launch their app quickly, before the idea is taken by a competitor.

This is where the MVP approach comes in handy, which allows you to get assurance for your app idea and iterate as you collect customer feedback. If the MVP performs, you can be sure to go ahead; if it doesn’t, you can always pivot and correct the structure of action.

Companies like Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, and even Twitter, all from an MVP to become startup unicorns. Their founders wanted their idea to get out there quickly without exploiting all their funds.

Companies that start with an MVP can test market demands, their early app users, mitigate risks, and define a monetization strategy with customer behavior in mind.

Work with Smart Development Partner

If you think of your startup idea as your baby, and that you want to work hard to develop it on your own. But you will likely need to work smart too. Maybe that means educating yourself on the development process like market research & analysis, wireframing & prototyping, technology selection, delivery & promotion, app development. However, even with a good understanding of the development process, if you have never done this type of project before, it’s probably best to find a smart development partner who can help lead you to success.

This development partner should be someone with years of experience to develop your app. Not every startup survives the tough competition, and if you want to survive and grow, you need a smart development partner like us.


Keep this framework in mind for your startup success. For any startup to succeed with its idea, it’s important to follow a framework. This framework covers everything from finding your ideas main features during the market search, to the development process. As an entrepreneur, you can confidently move ahead with your ideas and turn them into a successful app.

As a smart development partner, we can help you to build a successful mobile app for your idea, startup, or business.

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