On-demand Courier Delivery App

A same day courier delivery software solution that provides features for businesses and app users to manage and streamline the last mile delivery services from one end to other through multiple pickup-drop and route optimization methods.


Our client wanted to overcome these challenges with traditional delivery software.

  • Delayed deliveries due to inefficient route planning.
  • No real-time status of delivery
  • Authentication Problems
  • Difficulty with data tracking and event analytics for better insights

The main pain point was how to successfully streamline same day delivery services with minimal late-delivery or failed delivery ratio in an app.

Our Solution

So, we discussed it with our clients and came up with multiple pickup-drop and multiple product distribution centers.

  • Integrated route optimization software
  • GPS integration for real-time tracking
  • Two - Factor Authentication at each delivery segment
  • Dashboards and analytic tools to gain insights

To streamline same day delivery services, we implemented 3 different panels for customers, delivery partners, and admins through multiple product distribution centers.

About same day courier delivery app

This same day courier delivery app makes it possible to hire a vehicle or else a consignment through it from anywhere in the city.

The app has been designed in a way that it can address the incompetence in the last mile deliveries through multiple product distribution centers and multiple pickup drops.

Anyone can opt for delivery services through the app and can choose the medium of delivery too. At the other end delivery boys or any person who thinks that he/she can deliver the courier to an endpoint or to any nearest product distribution center can pick up the courier through the delivery app.


  • Profile registration and customization
  • On-demand delivery application
  • Peer-to-peer delivery marketplace to post a delivery request and get connected with a person traveling in the desired delivery direction
  • Matching algorithm. The ability to match the order with the closest person, based on location or current route.
  • Anyone can be a delivery partner through the app
  • Ease of choosing a medium of courier delivery
  • Enroute drop-off location management
  • Package delivery track management
  • User-friendly and Easy to use
  • Route optimization
  • Simple payment methods
  • Dashboards and analytics for business decision-makers
  • Real-time notifications, and emails
  • One-to-one chat and real-time collaboration

Use Cases

One centralized app for end-to-end deliveries!

Food Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Medicine Delivery
Courier Delivery
Pet Supply Delivery
Gift Delivery
Flower Delivery
Dry Cleaning Delivery
Entertainment Events

Working Model of our on-demand courier delivery app

Admin Portal

  • Admin can update details about drivers and partner companies.
  • Admin can view and track the details of on-demand delivery orders.
  • Admin can view and track all the payment related details.

Delivery Partner Portal

  • Delivery partners can create and manage their profiles.
  • View, Accept, and Reject the available orders list.
  • Using the map, drop the package at a delivery destination or product distribution center.

Customer (User) Portal

  • Customers can add package details and choose both endpoints for delivery.
  • They can track their order in real-time.
  • Customers can give feedback on their delivery experience.

Benefits of using an on-demand courier delivery app

  • Increase your customer retention ratio by providing your customers with real-time transparency.
  • Save on fuel, time, and cost with the route optimization algorithm.
  • Verified and authenticated customer delivery with 2-factor authentication at every delivery segment.
  • Increase revenue by completing more deliveries at the same time with route optimization and multiple pickups-drops.
  • The post-delivery request is just a few steps and is convenient for both businesses and customers.
  • Businesses don’t need to hire external services to manage logistics.
  • Our same day courier delivery solution is user-friendly that makes it easy for both customers and businesses to place and track orders.


  • PHP
  • Flutter
  • MySQL

Future of Same day delivery services

  • In 2021, the global same day delivery market is forecasted to exceed 8.4 billion U.S. dollars in size. By 2027, this market is forecasted to reach 26.4 billion U.S. dollars.
  • A Research, Analysts, and Insights report predicts that by 2028, the global last-mile delivery market will increase to more than $268 billion.
  • Another report predicts that this delivery market will grow to $59.81 billion by the end of 2025 at a CAGR of 16%.


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