Khushi Creation

It’s a leading wholesaler imitation jewelry business in India. They engaged with us to transform their operations into digital for their wholesale artificial jewelry business in India. We have provided them with a complete solution from UI/UX design to an eCommerce website and mobile apps development.





WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, MySQL, Android, iOS


Ecommerce & Retail


PHP, React Native


Payment, Shipping, Inventory


Desktops, Android & iOS Mobile Devices

Client Requirement

The client was looking for a digital commerce system to display their imitation jewelry products online with photos & pricing, a convenient online shopping experience, quickly track orders & payments, track inventory, and more.

The client was increased business visibility, marketing channel, rise in profits, and brand awareness for their wholesale artificial jewelry business in India.

The client was inspired by Amazon & other online eCommerce sites and decided to develop the eCommerce website and mobile apps for their wholesale imitation jewelry business in India.

Problem Statement

While modern technologies have greatly enhanced wholesalers artificial jewelry business operation, the risk of disintermediation as retailers have the opportunity to directly purchase from manufacturers is a big threat to the wholesaler.

The unorganized sector of jewelry manufacturers and traders needed an online store that allowed their customers to see the products catalog, place the order, track the order, and make the payment.

With the same idea, the client approached us and shared their ideology of upscaling business operations. Since we had experience and expertise in similar business solutions, our team seamlessly delivered all the requirements of the client without any technical glitch.

Solution Offered

After a comprehensive understanding of the client requirements, we quickly started with this project as we have hands-on experience & expertise in developing a custom e-commerce website and mobile applications.

With the highest level of confidence and proficiency, our business team prepared documentation to give a structural view of the entire project.

Our technical experts suggested our client build a digital solution that includes an eCommerce website and mobile apps. Using this online business solution, the customers can easily order their imitation jewellery and the online store owner can easily manage the products, orders, inventory, and more.

Key Features We Integrated

User-Friendly Navigation

Clear navigation improves the UX of a client eCommerce site and mobile applications.

Product Gallery

Easy to list and display products with details such as picture, price, category, and content.

Payment Gateway

The safe and secured payment option that makes it easier for their customers to make payments from the e-commerce store and mobile apps.


Easy to access inventory that allows the client to track stock quantities quickly and decides accordingly.


Integrated shipping in a way that improved conversion and rise in profit.


Integrated SSL certificate for security purposes with a strong database and backend support.

Call to Action

Implemented call to action (CTA) that motivates customers to take action on an eCommerce website and mobile apps which improve the conversion rate & rise in profit.

Technology Stack

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • MySQL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native