QueLines is a virtual queue management solution. A smart queue system to streamline the customer journey before, during, and after their visit and comply with social distancing rules through virtual queuing. QueLines virtual queue management application gives your business control over customer wait times.





React Native, Node JS, Bootstrap, MySQL


Web App Development


Frontend – React Native, Backend – Node JS, Database – MySQL


Payment, Spot Reservation, Geo Location, Live Chat, Push Notification


Desktops & Mobile Devices

Client Requirement

Our client has a unique concept for controlling queues. And due to long queues – managing it and making sure that right person gets the priority requires lot of back and forth work and sometimes by mistakes it creates chaos.

To overcome this real life problem. Seven Square helped them building their idea into reality by making an online virtual queue management solution.

Problem Statement

Waiting lines or queues are a common phenomenon in life and business. Due to this reason, everyone wants to some solution which can save their time.

Solution Offered

Seven Square Technosoft addressed this problem by providing an online virtual queue management platform that provided the customers with the queue management software called as QueLines. Through this virtual queue management platform businesses track the customer’s visits by improving their waiting experience rather than spending hours in a queue. This application allows them to suffice their reservation booking / accepting process which helps them to save time. With that in mind, our expert team of designers and developers helps realize our client’s vision. Our team provides SMS reminders about their turn while they wait safely outside the branch. Offer touch-less check-in, by empowering customers to scan a QR code using their smartphones upon arrival to the branch. It’s all possible with an online virtual queue management solution.

Key Features We Integrated

Spot Reservation using QR Code

Users can reserve the spot by scanning the QR code.

Accept / Reject reservations

Users can accept and reject the reservation with ease.

Rating and Reviews

Users can give their feedback.

Location Tracking

Users can track real-time location through the web app.

User-Friendly Navigation

Clear navigation improves the user experience of end users.

Push Notifications

Users can get the notification through the web app for their actions.

Payment Gateway

Easy payment option and gateway allow the users to make the payment.


Highly secure code, authorized APIs, and encryption implemented for the web app.

Technology Stack

  • React Native
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • Bootstrap